Reading Street Pastors

Sally Leonard, Reading Co-ordinator for Street Pastors said: “I would like to thank the Berkshire Masonic Charity for their very kind and generous £4,000 donation. Being able to practically care, listen & help people who find themselves in difficult situations. It is a great privilege which has opened many opportunities to sensitively share the love God.

It was a very busy year. Apart from going out every Friday & Saturday night throughout the year, we were invited back by South Oxfordshire Police for the fifth year to attend Henley Regatta during the late evenings; and we have already been invited back for next year.

We were also asked by the Police to be out on the streets of Reading for A level result night.

Reading Festival was a huge success with Street Pastors being invited back to patrol the camp sites. Approximately 30,000 Festival goers came into our 2 tents, which were managed by Street pastors and volunteers from different Churches in the Reading area. There was about 125 volunteers.

Again, the Police asked us to be out on the streets of Reading for Freshers Week. The event was very well organised as Reading university has its own Fresher Angels who look after the students.

Rail Pastors has now been going for three years. Sadly, there are suicides on the railway line from Twyford to Reading. British Transport Police and the Station staff are keen for Rail Pastors to be at these stations. All these volunteers have attended training which included the issue of suicide.

There are currently over 80 volunteers including Street, Prayer and Rail Pastors. Last year we received two awards one was from Thames Valley Police the Area Commanders Commendation and the second was Volunteer of the Year award from Pride of Reading

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