Gerry Preston

Gerry Preston



I was delighted to head the Events team for the 2023 Festival and now the Secretary. The team are dedicated to making the next 5 years fun and enjoyable for everyone. My mother lodge is Theodore White Temperance Lodge 3795. I was initiated in 1981. I was Worshipful Master in 1991 and 2002. I am also a member of the new Constructors Lodge 9947 and had the honour of being the Primas Master.

I am also a member of Berkshire Masters and I will become a joining member of Acorn Lodge in December. I am a member of the Provincial support group, which I strongly recommend to you all. I was honoured in April 2018 with the Grand Rank of PAGDC.

I love Freemasonry and everything it has done for me personally and what it brings to our society as a whole.”